Owned version license.
Regular $499.95
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Leased version license.
Regular $49.95 a month
SALE $34.95 a month
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Control your network from anywhere.
Reboot servers, monitor bandwidth, answer support tickets and monitor servers and services.
NocWizard is web-based making it the perfect companion for the busy web host.

NocWizard Pricing
Leased License
per month unlimited number of servers and devices

$34.95 per month
If you would rather spend less upfront and or like the idea of having unlimited upgrades and preminum support or you just want to test the program a little more than 30 days, then a monthly leased license may be perfect for you. There is a 30% off discount if you choose to upgrade to an owned key later and have had a leased license for 6 months or more..

Owned License unlimited number of servers and devices

$449.95 one time

This is an unlimited item key. Includes 6 months of support and upgrades.

Support Upgrade
6 months


This is only needed on Owned Licenses and gives you a further 6 months of updates and support after your inital 6 months has passed. Your initial purchase comes with 6 months of updates and help desk support. This is needed if you wish to use updated versions after the initial 6 month period or need help desk support for a longer period. Forums support is always available.

Install NocWizard on your server


What we need for first time installations:
URL to where it's to be installed.
FTP access to the site.
You'll need to create a MySQL database and user and give us that information.
What must be installed on the server prior to first time installations:

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